Cinnamon rolls are certainly delicious and make our tastebuds go, ‘Wow!’ You can either decide to get this from the nearest bakery or choose to join the best baking classes in Chennai to make them all by yourself. Irrespective of how you get it, the wonderful taste remains the same! Generally, when you start making them on your own, there might be some difficulties, if not a lot. So, here are some ultimate tips to make the perfect cinnamon rolls for those who want to make them the right way! 

Put on your baker’s hat while we share the tips that you need the most!

First things first

Whenever bakers begin to make cinnamon rolls, the first question that arises in their minds is about the dough. What is the accurate consistency? Why is my cinnamon roll dough too dry? Why does the cinnamon roll filling leaks out? And the list never stops! 

But, do you know what the experts at cake-making classes in Chennai would do? When they begin, they set aside all of those questions for later. Professionals will first start with the ingredient itself. Is the cinnamon quality good? That is where you must also start your baking. To summarise, the output is only as good as the input!


The rising agent, in this case, yeast must work properly to deliver a great result. Treat the yeast in the right way to ensure that it does not go to waste. Many baking classes in Chennai suggest that the temperature of the milk be somewhere in the range of 110℉ to 115℉. If you go below this threshold, then the yeast will not activate and anything above it will kill it right away. 

Room-temperature ingredients

You might have heard this tip in many cake classes in Chennai and is often stressed upon a lot. Keeping the ingredients at room temperature will allow efficient yeast activity. More than that, you will face no difficulties in mixing these ingredients with the dough. 

Proofing the dough at the right temperature 

Once you have made the dough, the next step is proofing it. Place the dough in a bowl that is lightly oiled. Then, cover it with a cloth and keep it within an ideal temperature of 75℉ to 90℉. 

Leave the dough overnight

Professional baking classes in Chennai recommend yet another method to proof cinnamon roll dough. Leave the dough in the refrigerator overnight. To share a little bit of science, the yeast will slowly release Carbon Dioxide, which will give a great flavor to the dough.

Rolling the dough

The thickness level is very crucial in getting a perfect cinnamon roll. Even a quarter inch can decide the outcome. Hence, roll the dough to the appropriate thickness as stated in the recipe. If not, the thumb rule would be to go for ¾ inch if you want fluffy rolls while ¼ inch is best for chewy consistency.

Another tip is to roll the dough as tightly as possible. This way, you will be able to increase the layers. Not only that, but the layers will also hold together will you bake them.

Cut the dough with floss   

A knife is an easy tool for cutting. But, it will work the opposite on cinnamon rolls. An uneven knife blade will squish the dough and therefore, spoil the beautiful layers you have made. Hence, take a  string of floss, and wrap it around the dough, and cut them into pieces.

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