Perfect Chocolate Ganache

Baking is a never-ending learning adventure. There is always something new to learn and new to make and new to taste! A baker would make the big stuff like cakes, cookies, and biscuits but try the little things that are part of the whole picture. For example, icing the cake is a part of making a cake. But, preparing the icing is a detailed job in itself. In this post, we will get to know about a few tips to make the perfect chocolate ganache from professional baking classes in Chennai.

What is chocolate ganache?

It is a delicious combination of cream and chocolate mixed with butter or eggs. They may or may not have flavoring. Ganache is an all-rounder in baking as it can be used for a wide range of purposes. You can top ice-creams, brownies, and vanilla cake. Or use them as dips for fruits and so on.

What makes a great chocolate ganache?

If you visit any cake baking classes in Chennai, you will find that making ganache is very simple. Only two main ingredients are required: Cream and Chocolate.

Which chocolate should you use?

There are no rules set in stone. You can take any chocolate you want and make ganache with it. But, many baking courses in Chennai suggest using semi-sweet chocolate with about 40% sweetness or may even use dark chocolate. It will not make the ganache sweeter or too bitter.

Ratios you must remember

A baker should never undermine the importance of ratios as consistency depends on them. Therefore, choose the ratio per the result you want to achieve. When it comes to ganache, three ratios yield different outcomes.

    • 1:1 ratio – This ratio is the most popular while making ganache. Here, you will use one part of chocolate to one part of the cream. It will make the ganache thin and make it similar to that of a sauce. This consistency is suitable for dripping or filling eclairs.
    • 1:2 ratio – Adding two parts of chocolate to one part of cream gives a thick consistency to the ganache. You can decorate cupcakes and cakes since this ratio will allow you to fill the ganache in a pipe. This would normally be the ratio followed in most baking classes in Chennai
    • 1:3 ratio – If you are planning to bake chocolate truffles, then this ratio is the perfect match. Add three parts of chocolate to one part of the cream. It makes the ganache very thick. The reason why it is preferred while making truffles is its thickness. The ganache will not melt and therefore, stays in shape.

How do you mix the cream and chocolate?

Chop the chocolate into tiny pieces and you can pour hot cream on top of it. It is also not wrong to do the other way around. Once you add them together. Let them sit for some time so that the chocolate can fully melt. Then stir them without allowing too much air into the mixture. Tasty chocolate ganache is ready!

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