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An evening snack at a baker’s house is wholly different than the rest. The family is so blessed that they can savor sugary delights whenever they get together on a Sunday. If that is the case, you might be planning to make muffins for this week. So, this post will share beginner tips to bake delicious muffins at home! Even though you have enrolled in many professional bakery courses in Chennai, these suggestions would refresh your memory.

Muffins are very similar in appearance to cupcakes. They can either be spongy or nutty as you like them. But, no matter what, muffins are pretty easy to make than cakes or cookies. They do not need elaborate steps. However, as simple as they might be, little things can add up to some inconsistencies. With that in mind, let us now start baking delicious muffins!

1 – Muffin Batter

Do not overmix! This rule is the same for any bakery treat you wish to make. Not knowing when to stop can leave you with hard muffins. The order in which you mix the ingredients will also impact the output. All bakery classes in Chennai would suggest you add wet ingredients all together to the dry ingredients in one go. This step can make it easier to get the finish you want from the batter without too much mixing.

Mix until the dry ingredients absorb moisture. Usually, around 10 swirls with the whisker would be fine.

2 – Make the batter in advance?

All baking classes in Chennai would agree on this one. Making the batter in advance does not help in baking the muffins that you would like. Not to go much into science but it is based on leavening. So, the baking powder would start losing its potential the moment they become wet. When these ingredients stay at room temperature for a duration, they may not help the muffins to rise. If at all you need to do it, separately mix the wet ingredients and the dry ingredients. Later, put them together just before you start baking. However, muffins can stay fresh for days. Instead of making the batter in advance, why not do the muffins first?

3 – Muffin cups

Remember we said muffins were so easy to cook? The moment you fill the batter into the cups, you are halfway there. Although, this step can go either way if you do not follow the exact measurements. At every bakery training in Chennai, the standard level is three-fourth of the cup. If the recipe says otherwise, then go by it. The filling differs from one muffin variety to another due to the varying rising capacity between them. So, unless otherwise stated, ensure only three-fouth of the cup is filled. The extra space would be enough for the muffins to freely rise.

Temperature does have an effect on the overall quality of the muffins. Generally, the muffins bake at a maximum of 400℉ where they easily rise and become tall. However, the temperature is not the only factor that decides how much the muffins would rise.

4 – Lining the cups

The lining is up to you to decide. They give a certain texture to the muffins, especially the outer layers. When you use a liner, the exterior layer will be soft while in the other case, it will be crisp.

5 – Final toppings

Nuts and fruits that go on top can sink into the muffins. Therefore, practice caution while adding weights to the batter. You can also dust the nuts in flour before adding them to prevent them from sinking to the bottom.

With these tips, you can start baking muffins. But, professional classes at a baking institute in Chennai will help you perform much better at baking!

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