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How many times have we visited the nearest food stall for a taste of burgers? The stacked layers of the grilled patty, vegetables, and sauce make this no less than a wonder! When you try to do this at home, do you feel something is missing? Do the burgers fall apart? No worries, let us share some tips for making the perfect veg burger. As a reputed baking institute in Chennai, we are very confident that these suggestions will help you make a great burger similar to the ones you get in your favorite fast food stall.

Let’s get on with it now!

The common issue with burgers is keeping them together. Some might see that the burgers, although looking absolutely fantastic, would fall apart while they have a bite of it. So, let us share some tips to avoid this problem.

1 – Choose Starchy, sticky, or dry ingredients

Beans, potatoes, and lentils are some stick ingredients that can gel the layers together. There are dry ingredients like flour, cornstarch, and breadcrumbs that become sticky when they are wet. Using such ingredients between the layers will allow you to keep burgers from falling apart.

However, in many baking classes in Chennai, Velachery, the trainers advise not to use too much of these wet ingredients in the burger. You would only want to use sticky ingredients just to bind all the layers together. Anything above it can make the burgers very mushy and not pleasant to eat.

2 – Avoid raw vegetables

Even though raw vegetables would be tasty, they have high water content. This moisture will release while you cook, thus making the burger very sticky and mushy. Hence, they will not be firm. Experts at professional baking classes in Chennai recommend cooking vegetables to eliminate all the moisture.

3 – Making the patty mix

Patties are the centerpiece for burgers. While making the mix for it, ensure that all the ingredients are finely chopped and properly mashed. You can do this with your hands, a potato masher, or a fork. Anyway, avoid any big chunks in the mix as this will keep the burgers from sticking together.

All baking classes in Chennai advise not to make the mix too sticky. It should be firm and should not stick to your hands. If that is the case, try adding a few dry ingredients like breadcrumbs and flour.

4 – Making the patty in the right way

A recipe may ask you to refrigerate the patty. Sometimes, if you leave it out for a long time, then the mix will take on moisture that is not needed. When this happens, the burgers may not stand firm. Hence, refrigerate the patty mix for about 30 minutes and then let them sit for some time at room temperature.

5 – Cooking the burger

You can bake the burgers in the oven till they become crisp and evenly brown. If you are not confident whether they will be firm on the grill, then many baking courses in Chennai would recommend pre-heating the burgers in the oven for 15 – 20 minutes before taking them to the grill. Both the oil and the grill should have reached a good temperature before you cook the burgers. It will enable you to get a crispy crust. Also, do not overcrowd the pan with burgers. Cook them separately so that they bake evenly.

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