Baking Better Cookies

If you are making the first batch of cookies, this is for you. While starting in baking, there might be endless reasons why the bake may not turn out as you thought initially. Cookies are great to eat but they could give you a hard time in baking them. Is your cookie flat and bland? Is your result different from that of the recipe? No worries. This blog will cover some tips for baking better cookies from the best baking institute in Chennai. All these suggestions will help you prepare a fresh batch of cookies that is perfect in all aspects!

1 – Cool the cookie dough for sometime

Chilling the dough will prevent the cookie from spreading while you lay it out on the baking sheet. This step would not be necessary always as it depends upon how the dough looks to you.

For instance, if it is sticky and has moisture, then you better chill it. When the cookie dough is cooled, the result will be what you expect from the recipe. The dough will not form puddles. Bakery classes in Chennai follow this step to get thicker cookies that both look and taste good.

2 – Rolling the cookie dough

If you do not want to end up with flat cookies, then roll the dough into tall balls rather than as perfect spheres. This simple tip can go a long way in ensuring that you get the right texture and consistency that you want.

3 – Cooling the butter before using it

Warm butter will be soft and this can greatly affect your cookies. You would not have thick cookies if you use warm butter for the process. Therefore, in all cake making classes in Chennai, the experts would suggest keeping the butter at room temperature. It should be well enough to make an impression when you press it but should not slide your finger away.

4 – Measure the flour correctly

The reason why the cookies spread too much is the fat that melts while the cookie dough bakes in the oven. When there is a lack of flour to hold this fat, then the cookies will spread. To avoid this, ensure that you accurately measure and use the amount of flour as directed in the recipe.

5 – Mix the dough well

No matter what choose to bake, this point is a must-follow! Creaming the butter and sugar and overbeating the mixture will not give the result that you want. That’s for sure! Pay conscious attention to the time you mix the ingredients together as they will decide the outcome.

6 – Baking sheets

All professional bakery courses in Chennai suggest not to bake cookies on dark-colored baking sheets. It would influence how your cookies will come out. Dark colors absorb more heat and therefore, might overbake it. Hence, you must get quality baking sheets that can ensure even heat distribution.

Additionally, never bake on hot baking sheets as the cookies will spread too much. Prefer sheets at room temperature for better results.

7 – Use shortening

Adding shortening along with the butter can prevent the cookies from spreading. Since shortening is absolute fat, it ensures that the cookies stay solid and gives a good texture.

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