Cake Decorating Ideas

It is an amazing feeling to decorate your cake with your favorite toppings on it. There is a wide range of decorating ideas, from having a ganache on the cake top to making shapes with the help of fondant. So, you can even join cake baking classes in Chennai┬áto learn the decorative tips for your business. However, as a beginner, you find it hard to decorate the cake and don’t know where to start. So, here are some simple cake decorating ideas you can master by using homemade things. These ideas don’t take your time as well. You can use simple kitchen tools like cookie cutters, rolling pins, piping bags, sprinkles, and many more. So, if you want to decorate your kid’s cake or want to spice your plain cake, try the following ideas to turn them into showstoppers.

Simple chocolate ganache:

The simplest idea that all bakery classes in Chennai would teach a beginner is to decorate the cake with chocolate ganache. Whatever the cake may be, you can top it with this ganache as a finishing touch. To make a chocolate ganache, you have to melt the chocolate along with heavy cream. Now apply it to the outside of the cake. You can use cocoa powder in place of chocolate to make the ganache. Or, to make it even simple, dust the cocoa powder on the top of the cake, and you are ready to go. Just keep it in mind while melting chocolate, the flame should be maximum low to prevent the chocolate from getting burnt. Similarly, white chocolate melts much faster than dark chocolate because of its high content of sugar.


Another simple idea to decorate your cake is to have fruit topping. So, if you want a light and refreshing decoration for your cake, then fruits are the best option. So you can top the cake with some fresh blueberries or dried raisins to give a summer feel to the cake. Sometimes you can decorate the cake with some seasonal fruits based on the theme. For example, in summer, you can top it with some berries or clementines. Similarly, you can decorate the cake with some nuts, almonds, or dried raisins during winters. But always make sure that you add the fruits at the last minute and your fruits are not wet. It is because the wetness in the fruit can melt or move the buttercream or cream frosting.

Edible flower:

Thirdly, decorating with edible flowers is the easiest idea taught by many baking classes in Velachery to make the cake look adorable. There are edible flowers like rose, lavender, dahlia, hibiscus, and many more. So, after applying the frosting to the cake, you can sprinkle some rose petals or sprigs of lavender to give the cake a spring feel. You can even tie a bunch of flowers and place them on the edge of the cake to make it more pretty. Just make sure that the flowers are marked edible while purchasing them from the supermarket. Your garden flower can upset your stomach badly.

Hence, consider the simple decorating ideas suggested in the post to level up your plain cake. Therefore, enroll yourself in the baking institute in Chennai for more decorating ideas and tips.

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