DSLR Photography

Budding Photographers who have the thrist to learn all the basic photography. Those who seek to stand out of the crowd and thrive to become a niche photographer.

Wedding Photography

For the Photographers who desire to turn their passion into profession. Learn the craft of Wedding photography with guidance from the masters in photography.

Fashion & Studio Photography

Our Fashion photography is a vibrant, realistic and intensive concept aimed at amateur photographers. Make a lot from Fashion Photography with the right technic and skills.

Food & Product Photography

For aspiring professional photographers we build on existing knowledge and skill in the realm of Food and Product photography. With us, you will learn the technics photograph food and products JUST LIKE A PRO.

Turn your passion into profession! Learn the professional
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Street Photography

Wedding Candid Photography

It is a common phrase that a photograph is worth a thousand words!  Photographers tend to express their feelings and emotions through their photographs. A picture is a creative way of telling a story in a skillful and attractive way by the photographer.  Nonetheless, it is not of any use without the technical mastery in the modern professional DSLR camera.

Photography is part science and part art. If mastered perfectly it allows the wielder of the camera to capture the best moments of life and bottle it up for eternity. But to become a professional level of mastery one need to learn this art form from the experts. The perfect way to learn this craft is from Photography Courses in Chennai, where one can enroll and learn the skill. In ZeroIn Academy, we offer our students, technical proficiency in association with expertise in the field and also enabling the artistic instincts within them. Usual software training we provide is

  • DSLR Training for Beginners
  • Wedding and Portrait Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Professional Photography

Learning photography is fun and also can be a powerful way of inner expression. But it needs an extraordinary skill to master the camera and vital fundamentals. Which enables you to merely look into a scene and get an idea. The Professional Photography Course in Chennai can bridge between what you see in a moment and what you get out of it. So, let us make you a sharpshooter but an artistic type.

In ZeroIn Academy, we have expert photographers to train our students in all realm of photography like Fashion Photography, Landscape Photography, Wildlife Photography, Action/sports photography. Our training for newbies includes Basics of D-SLR, Advanced outdoor training, Photo walk, advanced classroom, wedding works. With all these facilities a student can transform himself from Armature to a professional photographer in no time.

A photograph always remains you a particular moment. With a photograph, you can live the precious moment again. Photography is an art, and a photographer is an artist, who has the ability to create a moment with a perfect click. The photo tells about the personality of the photographer because it is ultimately a photographer who gets to decide how a photo should look like. A photograph always tell a story. Only a good photographer can find the story. photography is a type of art where the artist can draw their imagination and thoughts in a canvas using creativity. A photograph is a combination of light, color, and angle that needed to be appropriate thus a photographer should be cautious of this combination says Photography Classes In Chennai.

Photography is not just a vocation; it is really more than that. It is one of the ways to express our emotion, to capture the diverse moments that string together to form the necklace of life, a way to preserve those moments for life. To become a successful photographer, it is important to have a clear vision of what you want to do. Photography is a visual art form that uses elements of science so it can be learned by making mistakes and learning from those mistakes says Photography Workshop In Chennai.

The photography industry is one of the fast-growing industries, it is obvious that an aspiring photographer has a number of ways to learn the art. Previously, photography used to be called an expensive hobby, tallying camera, film and developing costs. With the advent of technology and smartphones, it’s even more empowering to take a crack at shooting our own images. We can click many photographs as you can save and delete as we like without the pressure to turn out professional-looking images. We can use photographs to express ourselves and communicate with one another. Sharing our favorite photographs has become the biggest trend in the digital age, from uploading to social media, to creating albums for print, they’re simple to share in both digital and classical ways says Photography Courses In Velachery.

ZeroIn academy will also conduct practical classes with the people who have a lot of experience in the field of photography. They are expertise to bring photographs to life and aware of all the latest developments in technology as well as lenses and cameras to help people capture high-quality photographs says.

Do remember, simply owning the best camera is not enough to ensure good quality photographs. It is most important for photographers to know how to use their cameras if you want to get the best pictures. We will teach you what the essence of a good photograph actually is and it will be a lifetime experience.

At the end of this course, photographers will certainly feel content with what they have learned and experienced. If they have planned only to learn how to become a better photographer, they would have attained it. But, if their goal was to have a good time, they would certainly not feel let down. photography is an art and is about much more than simply pointing a camera and clicking the shutter. As early the photographer can understand that, as soon their picture quality will improve Photography Classes In Velachery.