Basic DSLR Photography

Budding Photographers who have the thrist to learn all the basic photography. Those who seek to stand out of the crowd and thrive to become a niche photographer.

Professional Photography

Photographers desiring to turn their passion into profession. Learn the craft of proffesional photography with the guidance of masters in photography.

Turn your passion into profession! Learn the professional
photography craft @ Zeroin Academy


Street Photography

Wedding Candid Photography

It is a common phrase that a photograph is worth a thousand words!  Photographers tend to express their feelings and emotions through their photographs. A picture is a creative way of telling a story in a skillful and attractive way by the photographer.  Nonetheless, it is not of any use without the technical mastery in modern professional DSLR camera.

Photography is part science and part art. If mastered perfectly it allows the wielder of the camera to capture the best moments of life and bottle it up for eternity. But to become a professional level of mastery one need to learn this art form from the experts. The perfect way to learn this craft is from Photography Courses in Chennai, where one can enroll and learn the skill. In ZeroIn Academy, we offer our students, a technical proficiency in association with expertise in the field and also enabling the artistic instincts within them. Usual software training we provide is,

  • DSLR Training for Beginners
  • Wedding and Portrait Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Professional Photography

Learning photography is fun and also can be a powerful way of inner expression. But it needs an extraordinary skill to master the camera and vital fundamentals. Which enables you to merely look into a scene and get an idea. The Professional Photography Course in Chennai can bridge between what you see in a moment and what you get out of it. So, let us make you a sharpshooter but an artistic type.

In ZeroIn Academy, we have expert photographers to train our students in all realm of photography like Fashion Photography, Landscape Photography, Wildlife Photography, Action/sports photography. Our training for newbies includes Basics of D-SLR, Advanced outdoor training, Photo walk, advanced classroom, wedding works. With all these facilities a student can transform himself from Armature to a professional photographer in no time.

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