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Who doesn’t love to deck the cake with their favorite topping? Decorating a cake has evolved so much from a simple ganache to a fondant style. Nowadays, every baker uses a wide range of decorating tools to elevate the cake to the next level. If you are passionate about baking and creative enough, then join the best baking courses in Chennai to bring out your skills. However, advanced cake decorators use some extraordinary baking tools to emphasize their creativity. But as a beginner, you would be hesitant to invest in those complex tools. Hence, here are some essential baking tools for advanced cake decorators as well as for a beginner that every professional baker should have in their kitchen.

Frosting tips:

The foremost essential baking tool that every professional baker should have is complete frosting nozzles or tips. As a beginner, you need not get this right away, but an advanced cake decorator should have a variety of frosting nozzles to make a lasting effect. The frosting tip set comes with 52 nozzles in various shapes and styles. For example, it contains round tips suitable for writing names, letters, numbers, lines, dots, and beading. Similarly, the entire set consists of star tips, basket-weave tips, and many more to give the cross-hatching effect, ridges, lattices, and rosettes. These are the common effects that you can create using frosting tips. The bakery training in Chennai teaches you how to be more apart from the standard frosting effect.

Modeling tool:

Another essential tool that an advanced cake decorator should have is a modeling tool. You would have been familiar with the cakes that have cake figurines. These figurines are made out of these modeling tools, which come in eight pieces. These tools are essential in making sculptures, bodies, clothing, accessories, and many more. You can even use these tools to make the definite shape of the sugar flowers and leaves. Hence, these tools serve every purpose of the cake by creating definite indentations.

Cake dowels and boards:

Thirdly, you need to provide stability and sturdiness while creating two or more tier cakes. The cake making classes in Chennai suggest you use cake dowels and boards while stacking the cake. Usually, at least four dowels are placed under each cake tier. Similarly, the cake board proves excellent stability while decorating and transporting.

Decorative dusting:

These are small sparkling, and shiny powder-like substances that provide a shimmering effect on your cake. There is a wide range of decorative dust from a matte finish to a glittery finish. For example, if you take petal dust, it is soft and subtle, which gives the flowers and leaves a realistic look. On the other hand, disco dust can turn a simple cake into an extraordinary one and attracts attention right away.

Hence, having these tools handy will make your decorating process easy. Isn’t it interesting to play with decorative tools and colors? Then join Zeroin Academy- the best baking classes in Chennai to create more appealing cakes.

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