Types Of Molds For Baking

The very important thing next to baking is choosing the right pan and molds. Choosing the baking tins and pans to achieve the desired shape is equally important. These cake molds are made from different materials starting from aluminum to glass. Each of these materials has its pros and cons. For example, if you are choosing an aluminium baking pan, make sure to grease well to avoid the base from sticking. So, the methods and way of baking depend on the material of the baking molds. Thus, to know the various materials of baking pans, choose the best baking classes in Chennai. For now, let us know the different types of molds for baking that are commonly used.

Bundt cake pan:

This stylish pan is well-known for its amazing look. These pans have a hole in the center with space around them to pour the batter. These cakes are baked upside down and removed by tilting them over the plate. Hence, the bundt cakes have domed or angular bottoms to create a soft round cake with intricate designs. The benefit of the bundt pan is the cake cooks much faster and evenly than the regular round pans. The only concern is that the bundt pans have many corners, so you must ensure to grease the pan with a sufficient amount of butter or baking spray so that your cake doesn’t break into pieces. These pans are used to make coffee cakes, puddings, bread, and many more. You can even learn from experts’ advice and guidance at cake classes in Chennai regarding baking and pans.

Silicone cake molds:

Silicone cake molds are one of the kid’s favorite baking molds because of their bold-colored technology. They are used to make small cakes and pastries uniformly within a short time. These molds make it easy to remove the baked cakes without much effort. However, a little greasing over the silicone molds can benefit you in some recipes. The silicone molds come in various shapes and sizes that are suitable for making cupcakes, candies, muffins, and many more. These adorable cupcakes on your birthday table can attract anyone.

Springform cake pans:

Thirdly, these springform cake pans are suitable for beginners because they have an opening at the bottom. So, when the cake is cooled you have to open the clamp at the bottom and release its sides gently. You can remove the base while serving. These pans work perfectly for cakes that need not be tilted, like cheesecakes and quiches. The baking classes in Velachery make use of these pans for beginners initially to get into the process

Cake rings:

Unlike pans, they have tall sides and don’t include a base. So, to bake you have to place the cake ring on a sheet cake pan and gently fill the batter to prevent leaking from the sides. After reaching room temperature, pull up the rings to remove the cake. These are ideal for the cake that includes more wet ingredients. You can make mousse cakes, pudding cakes, custard cakes, and layered cakes by using cake rings.

Hence, these are the commonly used cake molds that many bakers use today. You can even join any baking institute in Chennai to handle the cake pans and tins technically.

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