Common Mistakes That People Make While Baking

Everyone loves to bake their favorite cake for birthdays or anniversaries. You might have visited at least ten websites till now to make your favorite cake. But what happens? You would not reach the desired texture or get the flavor that you have thought initially. The cake might be dense or your raisins might have burned. You are not alone. Many beginners find it difficult and are not aware of the right way to bake a mouth-watering cake. Therefore, in this post, let us see common mistakes that people make while baking. You can always learn more in any of the baking classes in Chennai. But for the time being, here are some tips to help you improve your baking skills.

Not using a preheated oven:

The common mistake made by every baker is not preheating the oven beforehand. They straight away place their cake in the oven and then preheat while it is in there. Not preheating is like turning on the geyser tap without switching it on. Similarly, placing the cake inside the oven without preheating delays the baking process and makes them harder.

Not measuring the ratios correctly:

The magic behind every perfect cake is its correct ratio of ingredients. The first lesson taught at many cake baking classes in Chennai is to measure the ingredients precisely. If you want to have a perfect baking score then make use of measuring cups, spoons, and weighing scales to help you to get a consistent result.

Opening the oven often:

Often opening the window of the oven will let the hot air out and decrease the overall temperature. It will collapse your cake from within and riddle it with holes. Unless you are checking for its doneness, it is best to observe through the window. Avoid letting the outside air in as it affects the overall baking.

The cake is too dry or wet:

Is it too dry or wet?. Baking the cake more than it is needed will make it hard and prematurely finishing it would make the cake mushy. If you find that your cake is so hard, make some holes and brush it with some sweet sugar syrup. It gives the cake much-needed moisture. On the other hand, if it is mushy, decrease the temperature to 20-25 degrees and cover the cake with foil. Continue to bake for a few more minutes and insert the toothpick. If the toothpick comes out clean it means your cake is done. People are not aware of this technique and therefore attending a bakery training in Chennai will help you to improve your baking skill and methods.

The batter is not smooth enough:

If your batter or dough is not at the correct consistency you may not get the desired cake. The batter should not be runny, stiff, uneven, or have any lumps which are not suitable for a cake to bake. The incorrect measurements or not sifting the flour will also make the cake stiff and hard. Hence, make sure to take the measurements of the ingredients correctly to have a perfect texture of batter.

Therefore, these are the common mistakes made by everyone and to avoid while baking. Now you know what you are not supposed to do and you can become a professional baker with professional baking classes in Chennai.

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