Baking Courses in Chennai

7 Days Extensive Baking Classes

If you are a complete beginner and want to take up classes out of your interest so that you can also make delicious and perfect bakes at home then this is the course you should choose. This is a two day course covering all the basic and important items of baking with one cake decoration.

For further details on course please submit an enquiry or feel free to contact +91-7550034505.

15 Days Professional Bakery and Confectionery Course

A complete handson course on bakery and confectionery items starting from the scratch covering all decoration methods Trending in market. You should take this course if you want to start a bakery. This course will equip you with the skills required to start a bakery.

For further details on course please submit an enquiry or feel free to contact +91-7550034505.

Advance Cake Decorating Classes

If you think you can bake and should take it to the next level or if you want to turn your passion into a small startup or if you want to become a home Baker then this is the course you should opt for. This 1 week extensive class will provide you with all the necessary items required to master the skill.

For further details on course please submit an enquiry or feel free to contact +91-7550034505.

Baking provides a great career opportunity especially for homemakers who desire to support family financial status as well as caring children. Most of the bakers are entrepreneurs which allow them to act independently. Cake Baking classes don’t need much time to learn and it is more cost efficient, but still can deliver you a great vision about the food industry.

Cake Baking Classes are a perfect place to connect with the people who are in the same wavelength as you. Learning together is an effective way to develop a relationship which makes your training session most interactive and joyful.

Everyone desires to make a career out of their passion. Do you have a passion in making delicious bakeries and snacks? Then Zeroin Academy– The Professional Bakery Classes in Chennai gives wings to your passion and empower you to become an expert in it. Our baking class will help to learn about the cooking process of muffins, cupcakes, pav bun, brownie, , and cookie etc. The classes are neatly structured in a way which gives you an excellent opportunity to learn more about varieties of cake baking in an ambient atmosphere.

Our baking classes in Chennai will give 100% practical sessions which makes you gain better knowledge and expertise. Our professionals and chief instructors have tons of experience in this sector will help you to hone your skills from the basic level to pro. Students can learn the different techniques on how to fill, bake, ice and decorate the cakes. It also will be a great opportunity to work with various decorating methods such as royal icing, airbrushing, piping and many more.

The instructors will offer some essential tricks and tips that can make your baking session more interesting by simplifying the process as easy as pie. We focus on each individual learner to make sure they get the required training.

Learn the art of baking by balancing the act between

time temperature & ingredients with love

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